Camping Memory Game – Free Printable for Kids

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Need a quick and easy camping themed game for the kids to play on a road trip or in the camper? Grab this cute printable camping memory game! 

Camping Memory Game

Great games to keep in your camper!

One thing that we love about camping is how many opportunities it gives our family to unplug, put down our screens and enjoy some real quality time together. Whether we spend our time hiking near the campground or laughing over a campfire or playing a game, these times make up some of our most favorite camping pastimes.

We have one cabinet in our camper that is just for storing games and a few odd arts and crafts kits. These are perfect any time during a camping trip, but especially on rainy days or nights when you find yourself stuck inside.  Puzzles are another great idea. Keep your eye out at consignment sales and during the holiday shopping season – you can usually stock up on the cheap and grab a pile of new games and puzzles for your RV!

Some of the games that we keep on hand in the RV include: 

Printable Camping Memory Game

Here is another fun game to add to your camper!

Get the printable: Camping Memory Game

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How to Play

  1. Print out our camping memory game. We recommend printing it on white cardstock to make the playing cards a bit sturdier.
  2. Cut the cards out. (After they are cut, another option to make the cards even more durable is to laminate them.)
  3. There are 24 cards total, 12 pairs of matching pictures. Place all pictures face down.
  4. Players take turns turning 2 cards over at a time, trying to get a match.
  5. As each player makes a match, he or she takes those cards.
  6. Once all cards have been matched, the player with the most cards wins.
  7. Store the game cards in a small tin or ziploc bag.

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Camping Memory Game printable

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