Camping is the Best Option for Social Distancing in Recreational Travel

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We get it. You’re ready to get out.  And by get out, we mean LEAVE THE HOUSE. As Spring turns to Summer, many of us are looking at canceled vacation plans and trying to salvage some recreational travel. Camping just might be the most viable option for social distancing when it comes to travel.

If your Spring looked anything like ours, it probably took place… at your home. And if your Spring played out anything like ours, you are looking to get OUT. Even if just for a night or two. Even if you stay fairly close to home. And even if you are trying to be mindful to avoid crowds.

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Most people are going to fall into three distinct categories: 

  • People who camp, and camp often (or at least a time or two every year)
  • People who have never camped a day in their lives (but have always wanted to try it)
  • And finally, the folks who have never once considered a camping trip… until 2020

2020 is going to be a huge year for camping.

No matter which above the above groups you fall into, this is going to be a big year of explosive growth for camping in general. As more people than ever before seek to travel while practicing social distancing, camping offers ample opportunities to do so.

Camping makes it possible for travelers to get outside, enjoy nature, and not face crowds.

Did you know you can rent an RV if you don’t want to commit to a purchase (or aren’t sure exactly what you want to buy yet)?

Retailers are offering some sweet camping gear deals.

Make sure you check out some of the great sales and deals that are being offered right now on all kinds of camping and outdoors gear. Whether you’re looking to add a couple new accessories to the gear you already own, or you need everything from the tent to the grill, these outfitters are worth checking

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Grilling Burgers at Campground

Know Before You Go: Updated Campground Rules and Policies

Keep in mind that almost all campgrounds require advance reservations, even state and national parks. Many campgrounds (especially the ones that were already popular pre-2020) book up extremely fast, especially around holiday weekends.

You will also want to check with individual campgrounds regarding their current health procedures and safety rules. These might include things like:

  • Closed bathhouses (in this case only campers with self-contained units that have a bathroom would be permitted to camp)
  • Closed playgrounds
  • Campground stores on reduced hours or closed. Some stores will limit the number of people who can be inside and some will require masks.
  • No group activities.

How Does Camping Make it Easy to Practice Social Distancing?

    1. You’re outdoors. So we already stated the obvious: camping, at its very core, takes place outside. That’s a big step in the right direction when it comes to maintaining social distance from others. But being able to, well, be outside is just one of the great ways that camping sets you up for social distancing while traveling.
    2. Fewer people. Sure, some campgrounds are super popular and draw a lot of people. Those people, however, are much more spread out and everyone has their own space. This is very unlike, say, a crowded theme park where you are constantly very close to others as you wait in line, ride rides and sit down to eat.
    3. BYOF. Food, that is! When you camp, you bring your own food and drinks for meals and snacking. By completely eliminating the need to eat out at a restaurant, you eliminate one more avenue for possible contamination.
    4. Use your own bedding and dishes. In addition to bringing your own food, camping allows you to sleep in your own bedding – from pillows and mattresses to sheets and blankets – it’s always nice to sleep in your own bedding. Now it’s nicer than ever before, because you don’t have to worry about someone else’s germs. The same sentiment goes with bringing your own dishes, utensils, etc.
    5. Rental RV units have less space to sanitize than a hotel room. If you are going to rent an RV, you can do a quick wipe down of the surfaces, doorknobs, railings, etc and have a fairly sanitized unit. Because a camper has less square footage than most hotel rooms, it’s less space and room to clean and disinfect when you arrive.
    6. Campground activities generally lend themselves to socially distant options. When you camp, activities such as hiking, fishing and boating are among some of the most popular recreational activities. All of these activities allow you to get outdoors and keep to yourself.
    7. Keep it close to home. Maybe you’re not quite ready to travel cross country. Maybe you just want to wet your toes into the world of camping and don’t want to drive too far from home. Fortunately, if you have campgrounds local to your home, you can book a stay there for the ultimate staycation, without going too far. When we camped a couple of weeks ago, we stayed at a local campground located just 30 minutes from home. We have horses at home and wanted to be able to feed them without needed our usual petsitter, since we are still in lockdown mode.

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Well, there you have it!  Those are some of the very best reasons to consider some camping if you are longing to get away, but not interested in mingling much with others. We really think that this year is going to see people flocking to camping like never before.

If you are new to camping, welcome!

If you are a seasoned camper, prepare for campgrounds to be a little busier than perhaps they have been before.

Let us know if you have any questions as you get started. I am going to link to some of our best beginner content below!

Apex RV at Campground

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