Campfires in Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground – What You Need to Know

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Can you have Campfires in Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground?

Last fall was our very first stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort. It was the first time that we traveled to Disney since buying our camper and so checking out that campground seemed like a logical option for lodging. We probably can’t count the number of friends and family who have raved and highly recommended the Fort to us over the years. Time and time again, when we told people that we were camping at Fort Wilderness on our next trip to Disney, we were met with enthusiastic encouragement that we had made a great choice.

It turns out that they all knew what they were talking about and we had a most excellent time during our week-long stay.  (Plus the money that we saved versus staying at the other Disney resorts was an incredible PLUS!) If you don’t own a camper, I highly recommend renting an RV just for the experience of camping in Disney World. You can actually rent an RV from companies who will setup your RV rental at Fort Wilderness for you!

Campfire Fire Pit Disney Fort Wilderness

As we started to prep the camper and make our packing lists for the upcoming Disney stay, we started finding mixed results online when we searched for Disney’s campfire policy.

Disney’s Campfire Policy

Here’s the deal with the rules surrounding campfires at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness campground: you are allowed to have a campfire in Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.  HOWEVER – it must be in a Disney-approved fire pit.

Now, the exception to this rule is that sometimes weather conditions elevate the risk for forest fires.  During these time periods, Disney will issue a temporary burning ban, so it’s important to make sure there is no ban when you go to enjoy your campfire.

Disney Fort Wilderness Approved Fire Pits

If you choose to enjoy a campfire at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, you MUST have a Disney-approved fire pit. Your fire pit MUST have a solid metal top design that prevents exposed flames and prevents the release of embers or sparks. If you have any questions about whether or not you can use your fire pit at Ft. Wilderness, you can ask a manager to check it out and see if it falls under their approved fire pit category.

Unfortunately the fire pit that we bought for Disney is no longer available, but there are several similar models.  This fire pit is similar to the one we bought for Disney, same brand. It wasn’t cheap, but we did really enjoy having a campfire several nights while we were at Fort Wilderness and we definitely plan to go back for more trips in the years to come.  Before you make this investment, consider how much time you are really going to spend at the actual campground.  We certainly spent the majority of our time in the Parks… or even just around the Fort itself (pool, food, etc). Even though our fire pit did get used 2 or 3 times during our week, we definitely didn’t use it as much as we had imagined we would.

Campfire Pits Allowed at Disney

Can you buy firewood for campfires in Disney?

In a word: NO.  There is no firewood available for purchase in Disney.  And let me tell you – we TRIED to find firewood to purchase in Fort Wilderness because the last thing we felt like doing was taking a drive off-property for firewood.  We asked the front desk, we asked at the trading post..  we even called the Disney Guest Services number to Disney Resorts (1-407-939-5277) and asked the cast member if there was firewood for purchase anywhere in Disney – NOPE.

HOWEVER – each one of these conversations started out with the Disney cast member saying, “Hmm good question. Yes, I think you can by firewood at Fort Wilderness.  Try (insert wherever they sent us here).”  But no, we were not able to locate any firewood for purchase inside Ft. Wilderness.

We took a drive to the closest Walmart to Disney and bought a couple cases of heat-treated firewood there.  So plan to either bring your own heat-treated firewood or stop and grab some local firewood at a store on your way into Disney. Always remember to be a responsible camper and don’t move firewood. A good resource to see how far you can take your firewood from home is

Firewood in Disney


Rules for Campfires in Disney's Ft. Wilderness PIN 2

Campfires in Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground

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  1. Please note, takingnfirewood across state line, even across COUNTY lines in a particular state, is a against the law. This is to prohibit the spread of certain insects and to keep the natural ecosystems intact. Please check with the county and state laws before you buy firewood, and DO NOT BRING IT FROM HOME.


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