Campfire Handprint Painting

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Round up the paint for this easy camping themed craft! With just some paint, paper and your hand, you can create a campfire handprint painting of your own. These paintings are perfect for camp art activities or to use with any school units about camping or the outdoors! Check out the step by step tutorial and supply list below.

Handprint Campfire HERO

Camping Crafts Fun

Camping crafts are a great activity for young and old! You can take arts and craft supplies on your camping trip or enjoy these projects at home. Many of the crafts I share will also work wonderfully for school projects relating to a variety of travel and outdoor topics.

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Handprint Campfire Paper Craft HERO

Campfire Handprint Painting Supplies

Round up these supplies to make this painting:

Acrylic paint and paper

How to Make Campfire Handprint

1. Cover your index finger with brown acrylic paint.

brown finger paint

2. “Stamp” it on the white paper. Repeat with 5 or more strokes with different sizes. These brown stamps will make up the wood at the base of your campfire.

Finger paint logs
brown finger print logs campfire

3. Paint the bottom part of your palm with a small amount of magenta acrylic paint.

red paint on palm

4. Next, cover your whole palm with orange acrylic paint.

orange and red paint on palm

5. After covering your palm with paint, stamp it on the paper, at the top of the wood-like paint.

whole hand paint print
Handprint Fire Finished

That’s it!

Allow the painting to lay flat and dry for an hour or two. Once the paint has dried completely, you can hang your picture up!

Handprint Campfire Finished Project

Have fun with this craft! If you decide to give it a try, please let us know how it turned out. Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture – we’d love to see it!


Paint Handprint Campfire Craft PIN

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