12 Brilliant Must-Have Campsite Accessories

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12 Brilliant Campsite Products for Easy Relaxation and Comfort

When you arrive at your campground destination, you’re more than likely looking forward to some relaxation around your campsite!  We typically pull into our campsite, do a quick camper set-up and then kick back and enjoy the great outdoors.  

Over the years there are certain items that we find ourselves using over and over again on the majority of our camping trips. These camping “must-haves” will make a great addition to your next campsite! Some of them will add to your physical comfort, while others are sure to add to the visual aesthetic.

Check our our list below. Consider adding a couple of the items (or all of them) to turn your campsite a comfortable oasis!

Here are our top picks when it comes to campsite accessories you will actually use!

Must-Have Campsite Accessories


1. Chairs Lounge chairs, chairs in a bag, hammocks – the choice is yours!  Pick up your favorite chairs for relaxing around a campfire and keep them in your camper so that they are always on hand and ready.

Knoebels Campsite

Outdoor Rug

2. Outdoor Rug – Not only do these waterproof rugs make your campsite look and feel a little more home-y, they keep a lot of dirt from being dragged into your camper! We always set up our rug by the camper door/steps.

TIEC Campsite 501

Screened Shelter

3. Sun Shade with screened-in walls – These shelters are not only wonderful outdoor escapes from the sun if you find yourself parked on a non-wooded site, but if you get one with the screened-in walls, you’ll have some protection from pesky flies and mosquitoes as well.  We like to pull our campsite picnic table inside our sun shade for mostly-bug-free eating!

Tablecloth Clips

4. Picnic Table Tablecloth and Clips – You never know when your campsite picnic table will be covered in pine needles or bird poop.  Keep a tablecloth on hand – and pick up some metal clips to keep everything in place on windy days/nights.

Tablecloth Clip on Table

Solar Bluetooth Speaker

5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Stream some tunes with a bluetooth speaker and your phone! Most of these speakers are waterproof which makes them a great choice for playing music outdoors. If you can find a solar-charged speaker, you can charge up the battery just by sitting it out in the sunlight!

bluetooth speakers

LED Lanterns

6. LED Camping Lanterns – Always nice to have an extra light or two on hand for trips to the bathhouse or just to assemble your S’mores!


Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

7. Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Sticks – Telescoping sticks are nice because they fold right up for easy storage in the camper!

telescoping skewers marshmallows

Pop Up Trash Can

8. Pop Up Outdoor Trash Can – These trash cans make it so much easier to collect the trash around your campsite and look so much nicer than a trash bag tied to the tailgate!

Coghlan's Pop-Up Camp Trash Can

Fun String Lights

9. String Lights for the Camper Awning – Rope lights, awning string lights – there are a lot of fun ways to decorate your campsite if you’re interested in doing so!

Camco RV String Lights

Popcorn Popper – Campfire Version

10. Campfire Popcorn Popper – No electricity required!  Have fun (and a tasty treat) with this campfire popcorn popper.

Coleman Popcorn Popper

Bug Candle

11. Bug Repelling Candle – Help keep the mosquitoes and other flying insects at bay!

Cutter Citro Guard Candle (Triple Wick)

Kitchen Organizer

12. Outdoor Kitchen Organizer – We have this model from Camco  – it’s very easy to set up and use!  You can place a grill or griddle on top and there are two shelves on either side that act like countertops.

griddle on grill table

What are YOUR campsite must-haves for setting up your home away from home? Drop us a comment and tell us about them!



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