Best RV Toilet Paper for Your Camper (Our Top 7 Picks)

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The bathroom. The room where it happens. I mean, let’s just keep it real, right? When it comes to your RV, the toilet paper you use really does matter. Trust us. So let’s dive right into this most important of topics and we’ll share how we learned the wrong (VERY WRONG) way. We will also recommend the best RV toilet paper brands to choose for your bathroom-away-from-home.

RV Toilet Paper

It Pays to Keep Your RV Toilet Happy

We have already covered the basic RV septic supplies that every camper should have on hand. If you’re like most of us, the day that you purchased your camper was so incredibly exciting. We had upgraded from a very basic pop-up camper to a lightweight travel trailer. And the single feature that I was most excited about that our pop-up lacked? A BATHROOM!! The thought of never having to trek to another campground bathroom in the dark of night was downright thrilling. (Or never having to wait in the shower line at the bathhouse… or trying to make the lukewarm water a little hotter in the bathhouse shower.. or… )

For many reasons, the addition of a toilet and shower (our pop-up did have a small sink) was beyond exciting.

Adding the bathroom to your camper, however, can most definitely also bring with it a whole new array of potential issues that could arise on the road. We all know how temperamental a house septic system can be. Well, an RV septic system is even more delicate.

With a little routine maintenance and using rv-specific supplies, you can keep your camper bathroom in tip-top (er, flushing) shape!

We Learned the Hard Way

Let me edit that: we learned the VERY VERY VERY hard way.

Look, it was innocent enough. Like I told you above, we were very new to travel trailer camping. We never had the luxury of towing our own toilet before.

We listened to the 2-hour RV orientation chatter from our dealer when we picked up our camper. In all of that info, he might have mentioned using RV toilet paper. I can’t be sure, it was a lot of info.

For the first few camping trips that we took with our new camper, we did use RV toilet paper. But after those initial rolls were used up, we figured, how important is this more-expensive-than-regular toilet paperShortly after that thought, we decided that the super thin, cheap dollar store toilet paper would probably work just fine. Toilet paper is toilet paper, right?

WRONG.  Wrong, wrong, wrong. Sure, the non-RV toilet paper worked fine in the beginning. But what we didn’t realize was that every single flush was adding more and more of that toilet paper to our tank. RV toilet paper is QUICK DISSOLVINGIt breaks down and dissolves faster than regular bath tissue. Cheap, single-ply, thin dollar store toilet paper IS NOT QUICK DISSOLVING. It piles, it clumps, and it eventually creates a papier-mache-esque plaster plug in your black water tank.

We ended up with MANY clogged toilets, and general aggravation, for more than a year before the clogs finally broke up and passed through the tank. It was as unpleasant as you can possibly imagine and we hope you heed our warning: just buy the dang RV toilet paper. 

Where to Buy RV Toilet Paper

You can typically find RV toilet paper at any number of retailers.

  • Camper Dealers (If your local camper dealership has a retail store, chances are good that they sell RV toilet paper inside.)
  • Big Box Stores (Walmart, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop, etc) Look in the camping section or sometimes it will be in the automotive/boat/camper section.
  • Online (Stores like amazon typically stock RV toilet paper)
  • Campground Stores (Just keep in mind that most campground stores offer products at inflated prices versus purchasing them before you unhitch. This is because they know that they have you in a unique geographical situation and many people will pay more money instead of driving off-site to another store.  Time is money, after all. The campground store is a convenient spot to pick up anything you might have left at home, but just know that you will likely pay a premium for it.)

Best RV Toilet Paper

We have rounded up the favorite brands of RV Toilet Paper that we have used and also some that our friends have used and recommended. Whichever brand you buy, you want to make sure that it say “quick dissolving” and/or “safe for RV septic systems” on the packaging.

Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue (This was the original RV toilet paper that we grabbed at the dealer when we brought our camper home. No complaints. Seemed to dissolve quickly, just like it’s supposed to.)

Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue (We picked up a case of this toilet paper one year on Amazon. Has worked great!)

Camco RV Bathroom Toilet Tissue (We have used this brand a couple of times over the years! No issues to report.)

Brands we haven’t personally tried, but friends and blog readers HAVE tried and recommend:

Grentay RV Toilet Paper

Nature’s Call RV, Boat, Home Bamboo Toilet Paper

Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper

Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

We hope that these suggestions are helpful to you as you make the all-important choice of which toilet paper to stock in your camper! Do you use a brand that’s not listed here? Drop us a comment and tell us about it – we’d love to hear what worked for you!

Make sure you head over and read our Must Have Supplies for Your Camper Septic System. In addition to things like RV toilet paper, we’ll show you other products and supplies that become invaluable when maintaining a healthy septic system. Just by performing some simple maintenance each time you take your camper out, you can keep the system running like a champ. (And not end up elbows-deep in your family’s muck like we did.  Ahhh… memories!)


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3 thoughts on “Best RV Toilet Paper for Your Camper (Our Top 7 Picks)”

  1. Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue is the best paper that we’ve found. It’s softer and feels thicker than other RV-friendly toilet paper. It dissolves quickly. It’s quite a quality toilet paper; it doesn’t mess up my RV.

  2. We bought Thetford during the pandemic because we were motorhome and toilet tissue was hard to seek out in stores. the value was good, the bathroom paper was single-ply which is crucial when using the RV toilet. No issues downloading the black, the TP was a basic layer but just what we were searching for. good value.


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