Best RV Short Queen Sheet Set Options

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This post is dedicated to anyone who has struggled to find sheets that actually fit their RV mattress correctly! (Yes, it really is a challenge!) Check out this list of short queen sheet sets that should fit standard RV mattresses. 

Short Queen RV Sheet Set Sheets

One of the very first blog posts that we wrote for this site was how to upgrade your RV mattress. That’s probably because upgrading our mattress was one of the first (and one of the best) upgrades that we made to our (then) new camper. Night after sleepless night we would wake up with aching backs and an overall feeling of exhaustion. This was because our factory-issued mattress was the absolute pits. It was comprised of a cheap plastic filler material that I’d imagine would be similar to sleeping on a pile of soda bottles. (p.s. That blog post remains one of our top visited posts of all time. If you have not yet given it a read, you should!)

Once you decide that a mattress upgrade is the way to go, you will have to choose the best RV mattress for you. (Yes, another very popular post on this site!)

After you grab a new mattress, it’s time to pick a sheet set.

Regular Sheets Will Not Fit an RV Mattress

When your new mattress arrives, your first thought might be to grab a spare sheet set from your closet at home.

However the majority of camper mattresses (or perhaps the one you just bought) are not standard queen-sized mattresses. Most RV mattresses are short queen sized mattresses. These mattresses are a bit shorter than standard queen mattresses. This is what causes your sheets not to fit properly. If you use a full sized sheet set, you will have to tug and stretch the fitted sheet over the mattress and it will likely pull off the mattress overnight. If you use a queen sized sheet set, it will be too big and will potentially also pull off mid-slumber.

This is frustrating, but knowing is half the battle. 

Best Short Queen RV Sheet Sets

Now that you have a wonderful, comfy mattress, and you know for certain that it’s size is a short queen, it’s time to check out some short queen sheets! Poorly fitting sheets are frustrating to say the least. These sheets will fit great and should stay put on the mattress!

  1. Clara Clark RV/Short Queen 6-Piece Bed Set, Soft Microfiber
  2. 400 Thread Count Cotton Short Queen Sheets Set
  3. Giza Cotton Bed Sheet Set – Short Queen
  4. 4 Piece Premium Sheet Set Queen Short Sheets for Rv, 100% Egyptian Cotton, 400 Thread Count
  5. Cottington Short Queen Sheets for RV Camper
  6. Nestl Bedding Short Queen RV Sheets, 4-Piece 1800 Microfiber Bed Sheet Set, Cool & Breathable
  7. Sweet Home 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft RV Queen Sheet Set
  8. Mattress Home Stores 600TC 100% Long Staple Soft Cotton, 4 Piece Sheets Set, RV Short Queen Size

New Camper Bed

Let us know if you decide to add one of these short queen sheet sets to your RV bed! Drop a comment below and tell us which set you tried and whether or not you would recommend them!


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  1. Hello there!
    I’m so happy to hear other Glampers have had RV sheet problems. My most current problem is that we put on a topper so the sheets aren’t deep enough to stay snug. What would you buy if you had an RV queen short mattress with topper? I would love a super soft sheet set maybe more on the luxury glamper side 🙂
    Thanks in advance for your feedback!


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