7 of the Best Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

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Fall is a Great Time of Year for Camping!

Think the end of summer means the end of your camping adventures for the year?  Think again!  Fall is one of our absolute favorite seasons to enjoy the great outdoors at a campground.

Labor Day can signal many things, including a new school year, cooler temperatures, leaves that are starting to change colors. One thing that it definitely does NOT signal is the end of another camping season. In fact, fall is a fantastic time to enjoy family time in your favorite home away from home. So put down that anti-freeze and step away from the RV winter cover.  Some of the best camping for the year is still waiting to be had!

7 of the Best Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

Best Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

Cooler Temperatures – Shorter days and cooler temperatures make fall the perfect season to enjoy lots of cozy time around a campfire!

Fewer Biting Bugs – There is almost nothing more enjoyable to me than relaxing outside at my campsite after dark.  I enjoy campfires, star gazing and everything in between. Summer camping always includes some very unwanted guests: mosquitoes. Camping closer to that first frost of the year cuts down significantly on the bug population.

Foliage – Fall is just… well.. PRETTY!  So very pretty!  If you happen to enjoy some fall camping in an area that experiences the leaves changing colors, you have some real built-in beauty in store!

Fall Festivals and Halloween Celebrations – Most campgrounds have a lot of fun activities centered around harvest and Halloween themes. Site decorating, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, bonfires and more are activities frequently found at many family-friendly campgrounds around the country. If your travel party enjoys participating in these kind of activities, look at campground calendars before you book!

Off-peak Rates – It’s always nice to save some money!  (That just means you can buy some more cool stuff for your camper, RIGHT?!). Many campgrounds raise their rates based on peak season, which is typically summer. Camping during off-peak season typically saves you a few bucks a night.

Better Campsite Selection – Sometimes when you book a stay at a popular campground during the summer months, you’re lucky to get ANY campsite, let alone a preferred site. Try booking that favorite campsite for a shoulder season stay and see if that helps with availability.

Campgrounds Less Crowded – Kids are back in school, the pool is closed up for the rest of the year, the lake is too cold for swimming… these factors help to thin the crowd a little at many campgrounds.  Take advantage of the overall quieter atmosphere that 0ff-season camping offers.

So there you have it!  Those are OUR favorite reasons for heading out after the summer has ended and to enjoy some fall camping.  What are yours?  And if you have never gone camping in the fall, make this year the year to try it!


7 of the Best Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

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