6 Best Memory Foam Mattresses You Can Buy on Amazon

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Memory foam is used in mattresses to provide that hug-like experience. It is an incredibly versatile material designed to offer you maximum comfort and relief from joint and other pressure points when you sleep. There have been many innovations as companies strive to manufacture the perfect mattress. Memory foam mattresses make it possible for people to sleep comfortably regardless of their sleeping position or body type. If you are shopping for a new mattress, consider purchasing a memory foam mattress. This article reviews some of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy on Amazon.

Keep in mind that many RVs use SHORT QUEEN mattresses. We have a Lucid Short Queen Mattress and love it.

1.     LUCID 14 Inch Medium-Plush Memory Foam Mattress 


Lucid is a well-known and trusted brand for producing a wide range of products for the bedroom. The Lucid gel-foam mattress is among the most popular products from this company. The Lucid medium plush memory foam mattress takes comfort to the next level with dual memory layers that have been placed on top of the mattress base to relieve pressure on your back muscles. This dual-layer also amplifies comfort by helping to balance the mattress’s softness.

When you order, you receive your LUCID mattress compressed and wrapped in a plastic bag.

Once you unwrap the box, give it time to fully settle and decompress. The instructions on the package state that the process could take up to 24 hours.


Lucid is a popular brand among budget mattresses. Its pricing does not mean that the manufacturer compromised on quality. The gel memory foam hybrid design ensures that you are always comfortable when sleeping on the mattress.

As a certified Certi-PUR US brand, it checks into durability, content, and low emissions boxes.

The 14 Inches thickness is a combination of a layer of memory foam, ventilated gel memory foam, and bamboo charcoal foam. You can get the mattress in all standard sizes.

The core support is high density. It’s important to note that LUCID uses open technology to avert long-lasting body impressions.


LUCID 14 Inch Medium-Plush Memory Foam Mattress weighs 92 pounds. It’s a modest queen-size mattress with 10 inches of support foam (Medium-high density), 1 inch of bamboo charcoal memory foam (for thermal regulation), and a 3 Inches layer of ventilated gel-infused memory foam. This foam enhances breathability and temperature regulation.

The mattress will be approximately 16 inches thick while covered with the mattress pad. The mattress cover is made of a combination of 90% polyester and 10% Tencell lyocell fabrics. The Tencell lyocell fabric forms the mattress’s top breathable layer.


LUCID uses high-quality materials to boost comfort on its mattresses. The materials hold your weight conveniently and the gel memory foam ensures that the mattress is uniformly soft. This is one mattress you never have to worry about it yielding to weight and denting where there are pressure points.

You may need some help if you need to move it around because it is relatively heavy, at 92 pounds. The support foam enables it to contour according to your body and this increases the mattress’s comfort and durability.


  • Perfectly regulates heat, especially during summer, and absorbs moisture in the winter season.
  • It’s firm and durable
  • Enables muscle relaxation thus reducing body aches
  • Conforms to the body weight and comfortably supports pressure points
  • It’s fairly priced
  • 10 years warranty


  • Odor – some people find the chemical odors disturbing for the first few days
  • It is heavy- you need help moving it around

2.     Sweetnight Queen Mattress-Queen Size Mattress


A good mattress should be versatile and practical. The Sweetnight Queen fits all kinds of the frame- whether it’s an adjustable bed, flat platform, box spring, or slatted base.


One thoughtful design strength of the sweet night memory foam mattress is that it’s a hybrid mattress. This means you can sleep on either side of this mattress and each side has a different and unique feel. One is soft and the other is firm.

It has three layers and 5 inches of comfort foam. The foam maintains your body balanced and eases the pain on pressure points. It has 3 inches of support foam (high-density) and 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. The gel enables aeration and keeps you cool even in hot weather.

The high-density foam also runs from end to end. This simple design strengthens the mattress improving its performance. It is hard to find a Sweetnight Mattress rolling off and sagging.


The mattress measures 60 x 80 x10 and weighs 72 Pounds. The 10 inches are formed by four complementary layers. At the bottom, there is a three-inch high-density foam layer that supports the mattress edge to edge. On top of it, there is a 4 Inches layer of comfort foam whose main role is to enable airflow.

There is a 1-inch layer of ventilated comfort foam on top of this open-cell foam and this is followed by a 2 inches layer of cooling gel-infused memory foam.

The mattress cover is made of breathable rayon cotton fabric. The rayon cotton fabric is a natural anti-odor agent. It also prevents stains, mildew, and other allergens.

The manufacturer advises consumers to use both sides interchangeably whenever possible for more comfort but you are free to use the mattress as you wish.


The Sweetnight mattress flawlessly takes charge of motions such that there’s no feeling of other movements except yours. You can sleep through your spouse’s tosses and turns. It also supports all kinds of sleeping positions.

This mattress also solves most health complications people have- back pains (caused by sagging and bad support), neck strain, and general fatigue. You do not want to sleep and wake up the next morning feeling as if you slept on a brick floor.

If your partner moves and wriggles a lot as they sleep, this is the perfect mattress to buy. You can finally sleep peacefully by letting motion control do all the work. The mattress may feel quite firm at first. You just need to give it some time and soon enough it will adapt to your sleeping style.


  • Durable – maintains its firm stature over years of use
  • It’s made with breathable rayon cotton fabric which is ideal for preventing odor and stains
  • Efficient at motion separation and prevents localized motion
  • Fits all kinds of bed frames- box springs, slatted base, hospital beds, adjustable beds, and box spring
  • CertiPUR-US certified – tested and passed for content, emissions, and durability
  • Compact packaging for easy shipping
  • 10 years warranty


  • Heavy
  • Tough to clean when it gets stained

3.     Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Brentwood home cypress cooling gel memory foam mattress is made with eco-friendly CertiPUR-US and Greenguard Gold certified material. The materials are non-toxic and flame-retardant-free. This mattress is perfect for maintaining natural body posture and eliminating odor.

The combination of New Zealand wool and bamboo and other natural materials helps to enhance aeration, moisture absorption, and temperature regulation. This means whether its summer or winter, you will not have disturbed nights.


Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a queen size 60 x 80 x 13 Inches piece made with CertPUR-US certified non-artificial material. The 3.5 inches of gel enables it to conform uniformly under pressure. It weighs 53 pounds but the total shipping weight is 74.5 Pounds. There are other standard sizes if you are looking for options.

Durability and comfort are guaranteed with a Brentwood mattress. The 4-way stretch-knit enhances the bounce, reduces motion transfer, and minimizes the tosses and turns thus giving you a great night’s sleep.

The mattress arrives when it’s folded, rolled, and packed in a box. You just need to unpack it and let it decompress.


Brentwood put together different natural materials to come up with this mattress. It has a layer of New Zealand Wool which helps in absorbing moisture, temperature regulation, preserving heat during summer, and fighting the cold during winter. Wool is also a natural barrier to fire.

The mattresses’ removable cover is prepared with the famous bamboo-soft yet durable. It’s easy to remove, clean, and replace. It is also free of toxins.

All the materials used are natural and CertiPUR-US certified. This mattress features a 3.5 Inch Gel Memory foam which helps to prevent depression from weight pressure points. The weight of the sleeper is distributed evenly over the entire mattress. If the bed is shared, the cushioning helps in isolating motions such that your partner does not disturb your sleep.


Brentwood has mastered the art of fulfilling customers’ needs. Over the years they have embraced natural products in manufacturing competitive and nature-friendly mattresses. The New Zealand wool and bamboo provide flawless alignment of your body – especially the spine, as you sleep. The gel layer automatically adjusts to a person’s body shape, weight, and temperature.

The woolen fabric regulates temperatures by creating microclimates on your mattress. This guarantees you a good night’s sleep, irrespective of the season. The wool-lined cover helps in relieving pressure points and enhances comfort.

The solid support base is another plus. The base adopts any weight, dampens motion transfer, and reduces squeaking noise.


  • Regulates heat perfectly
  • Disperses ventilated airflow evenly thus no tossing in your sleep
  • The gel-infused memory foam conforms to your body weight, shape, and temperature keeping you more comfortable
  • Made with CertiPUR-US certified cypress cooling gel memory foam
  • It has a 25 year Warranty


  • The middle of the mattress may give start to give in after several months of usage

4.      Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress


Sleep Innovations Shiloh queen mattress takes comfort and style to a whole new level. The DuoComfort design with several layers is designed to offer you a great night’s sleep without compromising on the mattress’s durability.


Let’s start with the quilted cover. The beautifully tailored cover gives this mattress a luxurious finish. It makes the mattress look deluxe without compromising on the ‘homely’ feeling. The covers are easy to clean and maintain.

The main selling point of the sleep innovations mattress is that each mattress is designed to offer personalized comfort and relief from pressure points. They do not sell generic one-size-fits-all mattresses.

A good mattress does not yield to weight pressure. Instead, it contours in response to your posture and then retracts when the pressure is removed. That’s what happens with sleep innovations Shiloh. This 12 inches mattress is built in layers. There is a premium support foam – an enforcement layer that supports any sleeping style or any weight.


The mattress measures 80 x 60 x 12 and weighs 80 pounds, it is made of two layers; the base layer is 9.5 Inches of premium support foam. This is the layer that prevents sagging and provides uniform weight support. The middle layer is 2.5 Inches of sure temp memory foam, this is the layer that supports aeration and helps neutralize temperature.


The sleep innovations Shiloh is built to help you sleep through the night comfortably- irrespective of the noises or commotions around you.

It also regulates temperature so you don’t have to suffer the heat during summer and cold during winter. Sleep innovations Shiloh contours the body ensuring your spine is not strained and bounces back to its original form once the weight is removed. You should always wake up feeling refreshed after snoozing on this mattress.


  • Regulates heat effectively
  • Gives the body that fulfilling cradle and supports weight evenly
  • The quilted cover adds a touch and luxurious feel to the bedroom
  • Durable – the materials used enable longevity of the mattress
  • Well priced – the price matches the quality


  • Quite heavy

5.     Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch / Premium / Cloud-like Mattress, Queen


Mattress manufacturing companies are finding creative ways of infusing natural material into the production of mattresses and other products. This is the case with the Zinua memory foam mattress. They have mastered the art of infusing natural plant oil as a retainer for mattress freshness. Green tea is part of this innovation.

Zinus makes a deliberate effort to ensure you enjoy maximum comfort and quality sleep. Besides adding natural extracts, they designed this Cloud Memory Foam Mattress with a combination of unique foam layers. These layers help to enhance that customized luxurious feeling. Zinus all foam is CertiPUR – the US certified for content and durability.


A lot of creativity has been employed in the design of this memory foam. One is the combination of microfiber and memory foam to create a luxurious experience. This could be the reason they refer to the mattress as being ‘cloud-like’. You are supposed to feel as if you are floating on a cloud when sleeping on this mattress.

The use of natural plant oil and green tea effectively keeps the mattress fresh for longer. The multi-layering of the foam acts as padding for extra comfort. The mattress adapts to the shape and contour of your body. It also assists in the even distribution of weight. It will bounce back to the original position once the weight has been lifted. This helps in preventing pain caused by pressure points- backaches, neck pains, stiffness of the muscles, and fatigue.


This premium queen-size mattress measures 80 x 60 x 12 inches and weighs 73.3 pounds. It is 12 inches high (including a plush which moderates the firmness) with multiple layers that create a more comfortable feel. It is a good mattress for people suffering from back pains. The figure-hugging foams will support high-pressure areas (spine and joints) so that you can have a painless sleep.


When the manufacturers called this mattress cloud-like, they were not mistaken. Though the mattress is firm, the plush, the microfiber, and the memory foam give it a soft and soothing feeling. You feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

Zinus mattress’ ability to retain freshness is epic. You will have a better (and cleaner) sleep infused with green tea and natural charcoal.


  • CertiPUR – US certified
  • Made with natural extracts, therefore, maintains freshness for a long time
  • Adjusts to your body shape, sleeping style, and weight for more comfort and a personalized sleep experience
  • Great ambiance – Its quilted cover gives it a luxurious finish
  • Durable – does not easily yield to weight
  • Its quality outdoes its price – very well priced
  • 10 years warranty


  • It takes a long to decompress, although the manufacturer states up to 48 hours, it could take 3 to four days, especially in cold places.

6.     Olee Sleep 9 Inch I-gel Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress 09FM01Q


This is one of the few memory foam mattresses compatible with multiple frames and bases. The I-gel cooling foam coupled with the airflow convoluted foam was a great innovation for temperature regulation. In the summer, the memory foams regulate temperature and prevent the mattress from overheating.

The Olee Company creates affordable mattresses and other bedroom products without compromising on quality. Olee memory foam mattress is effective in soothing neck pains, back pains, and muscle aches. The amount of comfort you get from this product versus the price point gives you value for your money. Most modern memory foam mattresses give you enhanced muscle support and good heat regulation. The I-gel cooling foam is an important component in Olee’s sleeping mattress.

Olee sleep memory foam mattress allows you to sleep comfortably because the high-density layer gives your body uniform support as it disperses your weight evenly.


There are five layers of foam on Olee sleep. There is the high-density foam meant for sustenance. This is the layer that hugs your back while still supporting the bed edge to edge. There is another thick high density (convoluted) layer that helps to make the bed flexible and provides maximum satisfaction.

There is another 2.5 inches thick layer that is designed to absorb weight from your pressure points. The final layer is for the extra body cradle. Its work is to cushion you and hug your body according to your contours. The I-Gel is the mattress coolant that ensures any excess heat is absorbed and you experience sweat-free nights.

In addition, the memory foam mattress has holes that run from one end to another and they also help to drive heat away and let in fresh air


Olee Sleep is a queen-size mattress that measures 75 x 65 x 9 inches and weighs 48 Pounds. It is high- medium density- meaning it’s not too firm or too soft. It’s built with CertiPUR – US-certified memory foam layers. The manufacturer has embedded palm oil and I-gel to enhance heat regulation.

The memory foam also offers uniform weight support for your body regardless of your weight. It also manages heat. It maintains warmth when it’s cold and absorbs excess heat during summer.


For a 9 inch mattress, Olee is amazingly comfortable. It may not be ideal for someone who prefers a hard mattress with a good level of firmness. That’s because its top layer has a soft feel- perhaps too soft for some people. The inner layers are firm. It hardly sags because of the support of the high-density layer together with the cooling foam.

A lot of people struggle with transfer motions, especially for softer mattresses, this mattress is different. You won’t wake your partner up through the tosses and turns. They won’t even notice your movements when you sleep.


  • It is Certi-Pur-US certified which means its quality is epic in regards to emissions, content, and durability
  • Eco-friendly – has no substances that are harmful to you
  • I-gel memory foam alleviates heat and handles weight
  • It decompresses easily – mostly within 24 hours
  • Handles motions effectively
  • Efficient at regulating temperatures
  • It allows good ventilation and it’s easy to clean


Not suitable for people who like extra hard mattresses.


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