8 of the Best Camping and Survival YouTube Channels to Follow

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Even the best and most enthusiastic outdoor lovers among us needs some inspiration, tips, and tricks to survive in the woods. Plus, let’s face it: watching others do the things we enjoy is entertaining! We can always learn something new from each other. And, when we’re too busy to find the time to go camping or engage in the outdoor activities we love, it’s still fun to watch videos about these topics.

Whatever the case, these Youtube channels will offer you practical ideas and survival tips to make your next camping expedition an enjoyable experience. (We’d love a subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re over there! There aren’t a ton of videos on it yet, but we have a bunch planned for the future.)

1. Survival Lilly
While this channel offers some pretty hardcore outdoor survival tips, there are also plenty of basic camping tips as well. With two new videos uploaded each week, there is always something fresh to watch. From survival gear reviews to fishing tips, building a basic shelter and campfire tips, this channel has a lot to unpack.

2. Guide You Outdoors
Just like the name promises, this channel takes you on a guided tour outdoors, allowing you to explore everything from pitching up your tents, exploring the wild safely, and how to enjoy camping. Their videos contain a lot of tips and detailed instructions on how to handle basic stuff when you are camping in the woods.  They have several different themed playlists, including gear reviews, the Appalachian Trail and canoeing the La Vérendrye Wildlife Preserve.

3. Steve Wallis
Steve Wallis has had a lot of adventures in the wild. His channel discusses everything from rafting, camping, backpacking, and cycling while giving your insider tips on how to enjoy these outdoor adventures as safely as possible. He is a wild camper who enjoys camping in the winter and his winter camping tips will help you enjoy the outdoors, despite how cold the weather is.

4. Shugemery
This is a very hilarious channel, brought to life by Sean Emery. His main focus is on backpacking, camping, and hammocking although he sometimes veers off-topic to discuss other issues such as reviews of outdoor gear. You will find this channel to be refreshing and still gather the tips and tricks you may need to survive a great backpacking adventure.

5. Ronny Dahl
If you love big cars, car camping, backpacking, hiking in the wild, and rough terrain challenges, this is the channel you should follow. Ronny delivers highly exciting videos that feature amazing escapades into the wild (Australia, specifically!), with 4×4 vehicles. He uploads his videos every week.

6. 50 Campfires
This channel focuses on gear reviews, camping tips, recipes, and survival tactics. You can also follow the channel to get great tips on how to choose the best camping locations. Some of the locations they review are incredible and off the beaten track! My particular fave on their channel are the fun camping recipes.

7. Homemade Wanderlust

Started as almost an afterthought, Homemade Wanderlust has grown to become a popular outdoor survival channel. Dixie just wanted to document her long hikes but soon enough, she found out that people wanted advice on how to prepare and handle such hikes. From her practical tips, to the beautiful scenery, this is an entertaining channel for anyone who appreciates the outdoors.

8. Fresh Off the Grid

Preparing delicious food in the great outdoors in the main focus on Fresh Off the Grid’s Channel. If you think that camping means eating a lot of canned food and granola bars, think again. This channel has some really amazing recipes you can try. While it doesn’t appear that the channel has been updated in awhile, the video archives offer plenty of content to keep you busy (and full!) for awhile.

Let us know if you already watch any of these channels! Are there other great camping and/or survival channels that you enjoy watching? Let us know in the comments!


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