The 5 Best Camping Accessories for Backyard Camping with Kids

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Even if you will not be heading far from home for this camping experience, you need to make sure it’s as authentic as possible. You want your kids to have the best memories of camping, even if it’s just right in their backyard. Besides the normal camping accessories (tents, cooking gear, etc) you would usually take with you to a campsite, this article explores other accessories that are specifically designed for the pleasure of your kids.

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1. Marshmallow roasting sticks

It’s easy to improvise a marshmallow roasting stick. You just look for wooden sticks and shape them accordingly using a sharp knife. They will work as expected. However, when you are looking to upgrade to a more hygienic, more versatile roasting stick, this portable, rotating stick will be one of your favorite splurges. The stick has been designed with plastic handles to ensure your kids do not get their hands scalded by the heat. As an extra safety precaution, they come packed with the tips covered to prevent accidents when opening the package.

Easy to clean
Color coded so everyone knows which stick is his or hers

Metal part of the stick is lightweight and will break easily if bent or stepped on

Marshmallows and Telescoping Skewers

2. Lightweight Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is essential for any camper, whether you are out in the woods or right in your backyard. This sleeping bag is unique in that it is lightweight (at only 4.2 pounds), waterproof, and amazingly comfortable. Its barrel-shaped design allows your kids to spend the night inside with comfort and warmth. It is also easy to clean, either by hand or by machine.


Rated for warmth down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Might not be warm enough if camping in colder climates/seasons.

3. Coideal LED tent lights

The ambiance brought by a tent light certainly adds to the camping experience. It goes a long way in delivering a unique way to illuminate your backyard camping adventure. The Coideal LED tent lamp has a carabiner on the end that allows you to hang the light wherever you want without having to worry about the light being blown away by the wind. It has been built with high-quality materials that are safe, reliable, and waterproof.

Comfortable and bright LED light
Works great for a nightlight

Requires batteries, so make sure you add a fresh set before heading to the tent!

4. Ring Toss Yard Game kit

You will need to provide entertainment options for your kids so that you can complete the backyard camping experience without turning to screens! The ring toss yard game is one of the most popular games to play with your kids. This will be a good bonding moment for the whole family. This Ring Toss Yard game kit comes fully equipped and ready to set up within minutes. Get rid of TV and phone screens and engage in a traditional outdoor game. Your kids will learn how to coordinate their eyes and hands as well as some arithmetic skills. (We also love to play cornhole and horseshoes when we are camping!)

Easy to set up
Promotes good sportsmanship

Requires storage space when not set up in yard

5. LED Headlamp Flashlight

If you decide to go backyard camping, go in all the way. Restrict movements to the main house. This means that your kids will have to work with what they have, right in the yard. To find their way around, these LED headlamps will come in handy. They are comfortable to wear, durable and with different modes to control brightness levels. They are also ultra-light, meaning that your kids can wear them for long without feeling uncomfortable.

Includes batteries
Hands-free light option

Will need a battery replacement at some point

Let us know what your must-haves are for a fun family backyard camping trip! Drop us a comment and let us know what they are!


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