Benefits of Renting an RV and Where to Rent From

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Most of us don’t wake up on any given day and decide that we’re going to make a $50,000 purchase without spending a lot of time researching and testing first. The same probably holds true when you’re thinking about buying an RV. Do you know the benefits of renting an RV? Let’s find out! 

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Without test driving and getting a better idea of which one is the perfect fit for your family, purchasing your first RV becomes a difficult decision with so many things that you may not be sure of. That’s why renting an RV may be the most logical decision for you in the meantime. Check out a few of the benefits of renting an RV.  

Sample the RV Lifestyle

RV camping is not for everyone. Campers who have been rustic tent camping for many years will often decide to take a chance on purchasing an expensive RV once they’ve grown older, only to discover that it’s not what they expected. 

An RV is an incredibly large purchase and one that shouldn’t necessarily have to require a commitment upfront. Instead of going all in, make the decision to rent an RV to get a sample of what the RV lifestyle looks like. After a few camping trips, you’ll be able to determine if RV camping is right for you and your family.     

We started out as tent campers many years ago. It quickly became apparent that we weren’t really cut out for primitive camping. We decided to get off the ground and upgrade to air conditioning with our first camper, a small popup. And while yes, the popup camper was a great upgrade, unfortunately it wasn’t our dream camper. I wish we had thought to rent an RV model or two before signing on the dotted line.

Find Out What You Like

Chances are, you may not have a lot of experience and preferences when it comes to RVs, and that’s okay. That’s why renting is such a great idea. There are so many different types of RVs. All come with different floor plans that one might better suit your family more than another. 

By renting an RV a number of times on your camping trips, you’ll be able to find out what you do and don’t like about each one of them. Then you can make a better decision when you do go to purchase one. (Have you seen our printable RV purchase worksheet?)  This is one of my favorite benefits of renting an RV. 

Save Yourself Money 

For those of us that only go camping 2 to 3 times a year, renting might make more sense than purchasing a $50,000 or more RV that’s not enjoyed as often as it should. Most RV rentals will cost you between $750 to $1,000 for a 5-day trip, which is a whole lot less than taking on a monthly payment that only benefits you a handful of days throughout the year. 

Rent As You’re Learning

When it comes to an RV, there’s a lot more to it than getting behind the wheel and finding a nice camping spot to pull your rig into. After tent camping for years, you’ve probably forgotten the learning curve that you had to figure out when you first started camping. 

RV camping is no different and there’s a lot more to it than you may realize. Research may be required so you learn how everything works.  You’ll need to know how to take care of the black and grey tanks and where you can dump them. Also how your RVs water system works, where you can plugin along with the electrical amps, and the heating and air conditioning. As you’re learning more about RVs and how to tow and park with it, make the more logical decision to rent in the meantime.    

Outdoorsy is a Popular RV Rental Site

When it comes to trying out different RV models, a great place to head is Outdoorsy. Outdoorsy is the leading rental site for RVs. And we’re talking about all kinds of campers – from motorhomes and campervans to travel trailers, popup trailers and even fifth wheels

With more than 800,000 nights booked through Outdoorsy, they know how to facilitate an RV rental experience from booking to delivery! Not ready to drive a camper yet? You can even book an RV and have them deliver AND set it up at the campground of your choice! It doesn’t get easier than that!

If you’ve been tent camping all these years and are thinking about how much fun owning an RV might be, think about these benefits of renting first. If you already own an RV, did you ever consider renting one prior to your purchase? What would you recommend to someone looking to try a rental?  I love all the benefits of renting an RV, what about you?

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