How to Turn Your Backyard into a Glamping Site!

Dreaming about going glamping but have something that is keeping you at home? Perhaps there’s a relative who needs you, or you have a job that you just can’t get time off from or an illness that just doesn’t let you go too far from home. Well never fear because glamping can still happen! Here is how to turn your backyard into a glamping site!

backyard glamping campsite

Turn Your Backyard into a Glamping Site with just a few simple steps!

Think, backyard camping, but with a bit more glitz, glamour and luxury. Why not, right? We all deserve the very best and I think we all deserve to glamp when we want to, even when actual travel is not possible.

Step 1: Manicure the Yard

Whether your partner does it or you do it, make sure that the lawn is mowed, weed whackedOpens in a new tab. and treated with pet-safe bug sprayOpens in a new tab.! Having the lawn groomed will cut down on the bugs at night anyway.

Step 2: Set up the Sleeping Area

Do you already have a tent? If you do, that’s great! If not, check out some of these gorgeous tentsOpens in a new tab. and yurts on Amazon! I’m sure you could also find a place nearby that rents them. Try Googling it. Then again, you could always DIY oneOpens in a new tab. if you’re itching for a project!

Seeing as how you are glamping in your own backyard, I would grab a comfy air mattressOpens in a new tab. and bring out your own pillows/blankets or, if you have a guest set, use those! That way, you can easily throw them in the wash the next day!

Step 3: Roll out the Entertainment


Hang a sheet up on a string, tied between two spots, grab a projectorOpens in a new tab. and let the movies roll! Start up the fire pitOpens in a new tab., grab your S’mores ingredients and roasting sticksOpens in a new tab., make some campfire popcorn and enjoy a nice glass of Rosé. You could keep it in an ice bucket, or, just let it chill in the fridge!

Other cute Backyard Glamping Ideas and Accessories:

  • LED Fairy lightsOpens in a new tab. or fun light strings of any kind always make a yard look magical. You could even use white Christmas lights, if you already have those around.
  • Comfy Glamping Chairs or lots of fun plush and comfortable pillowsOpens in a new tab. – They will definitely make your backyard endeavor a little more comfortable!
  • A lightOpens in a new tab. or flashlight, so you can find your way in the dark, oh and don’t forget the bug sprayOpens in a new tab. and unbreakable wine glassesOpens in a new tab.!
  • Tiki torchesOpens in a new tab. add some cool lighting plus the citronella versions help keep the bugs at bay.
  • Make sure you have a BBQ grillOpens in a new tab. available to cook a delicious dinner in the great outdoors!
  • If you do decide to enjoy a campfire, pick up a firepit with a screenOpens in a new tab. for an easy and safe way to contain the flames and embers.

If you follow these easy steps, and of course put your own fabulous spin on it, you can definitely turn your backyard into a glamping site!

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