6 Awesome Places to Stay in Yellowstone National Park

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Heading to the nation’s first national park and want some suggestions for great places to stay? Keep reading!

Yellowstone East Entrance Sign

6 awesome places to stay in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is the first national park in the US, spanning over 3,468.4 square miles. It is a popular national park for campers, hikers and outdoor lovers. While you can stay in hotels in towns near the park (Jackson Hole pops into mind), there’s no beating the thrill
of exploring accommodation options right inside the park. From rustic cabins to presidential suites, the lodging and hotel facilities inside the Yellowstone National Park offer it all.

Besides the overall experience, staying inside Yellowstone can help you make the most of your time during your stay. Starting each day’s adventure from within the park will eliminate some major travel time.

Here are some great places to stay in when you visit the Yellowstone National Park.

1. Canyon Lodge and Cabins

Located on the eastern side of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, the Canyon Lodge and Cabins operates from June to October and has over 500 rooms with a variety of suites, lodge rooms, and cabins that come fully equipped with luxurious amenities that will make you spoiled for choice. The cabins are perfect for those who wish for a more classic and rustic experience. The lodge rooms comes fully equipped with various amenities. The main building is where you’ll find the restaurant, bar and gift shop. It is nestled close to the Grand Canyon (less than 2 miles away). The hotel has been undergoing consistent renovations over the last few decades. The latest major renovation was in 2016 which was designed to make the lodging more environmentally friendly.

Grand Canyon Yellowstone

2. Old Faithful Lodge Cabins

For people who love the classic “old-school” touch, Old Faithful Lodge Cabins are the best place to stay in the Yellowstone National Park. It was built as a one-story building in the 1920s using logs and stone pillars. The amenities in this hotel are not as plentiful as it was designed to appeal to travelers who are looking for the rustic experience. There is a main lobby though, which has a cafeteria, snack bar, and gift shop. There is no AC or TV in any of the cabins here. The historic cabins do not have a private bathroom. For that, you will need to book the frontier cabins.

Old Faithful Lodge

The dining room off of the cafeteria boasts near floor to ceiling windows that look out directly onto, you guessed it, Old Faithful Geyser. If you happen to luck out and time it just right, you might get to enjoy a meal as the geyser puts on its amazing display outside.

View of Old Faithful from Lodge Dining Room

3. Old Faithful Inn

Do not confuse this with the Old Faithful Lodge cabins, although they are near each other. Each one offers unique experiences. The Old Faithful Inn is the most popular lodging within the park and for a good reason. It’s one of the oldest here (constructed in 1904) using logs and stones and at 7 stories high, it has been said to be one of the largest log structures in the world. There are both private and shared cabins here. The private cabin comes equipped with a private bathroom. You can grab a snack at the main (shared) lobby area before taking a walk to the Old Faithful Geyser, a few minutes away.

Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful Geyser

4. Grant Village

This lodging was named in honor of President Ulysses Grant for his actions to declare the Yellowstone National park the first park in the US in 1872. Grant Village is comprised of a 6 story building located on the Western side of the park and each room has been designed to offer travelers amazing views of the park. You will find premium and standard rooms here, a well-equipped restaurant and bar, a gift shop, and lots of other amenities. Because of its location on the west, visitors also get the chance to see breathtaking views of the neighboring Grand Teton National park. Each room has a private bathroom.

Lake in Yellowstone

5. The Roosevelt Lodge and Cabins

This is another cabin named to honor another president (President Theodore Roosevelt) for his work in making the camping site popular. It has been designed in the ‘Western spirit’ style with rocking chairs on the veranda, grilling steaks on the porch, and horseback trails around the lodging. Everything at The Roosevelt Lodge and Cabins reflects the old Wild West style but the location on Tower Falls enables travelers from all walks of life to explore the beauty beyond the property, to the Lamar Valley and beyond. The rooms are rustic cabins with no TVs or AC. If you book the premium Roughrider cabins, you get to have a wood-burning stove to keep you warm but there are no private bathrooms here.

Trail Ride WM

6. Lake Yellowstone Hotel and Cabins

This facility offers guests a wider range of choices in where they want to stay. You can book a cabin, premium guest rooms or if you want more luxury, you can book a presidential suite. The amenities at Lake Yellowstone Hotel and Cabins are also unique, including room service, internet connection, and a special room called the Lake hotel business center for travelers who wish to continue doing business while in the park. The blend of traditional, rustic design with a modern look gives this lodge a unique appeal. The white majestic columns are welcoming, silently whispering of decades of beautiful ambiances, making you feel right at home.

Lake Yellowstone Sunset

Have you ever visited Yellowstone? If so, where did you stay? Would you recommend it to others? We’d love to hear about your experience!


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