9 Must-Haves for Campsite Movie Night

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Campsite movie night is something we always look forward to!  Movie on the big screen, under the open sky, smells of campfire, yummy snacks.  Heck yes! Check out our must-haves for an easy and successful campsite movie night!

Campsite Movie Night Must Haves

You’re probably well aware that the whole point of camping is to get your family to take the time to turn off all the devices and electronics and enjoy great outdoors for a change. If you have smaller kids, this can prove difficult to do. Maybe you’re not as hard-core of a traditional camper like your father was? Keep reading to discover a few must-haves for campsite movie night. 

While you certainly enjoy being a part of nature, maybe part of you wouldn’t mind a movie with a bucket of buttered popcorn? It’s okay to loosen up a bit! Add some more excitement and magic to your camping experience by packing all the must-haves for a campsite movie night.  

Must-Haves for Campsite Movie Night

When it comes to having a campsite movie night, you may not know exactly what to have available. With plenty of movie nights under our belt in the camper, I can tell you some of the best items to have for a movie. 

Portable Camping Projector 

You can’t have a movie without a portable camping projector, and that’s no laughing matter. Many of them are compatible with laptops, Amazon Firestick, Roku, and gaming systems. So no matter how you have your movie stored, you should be able to play it on them.   You can find a big selection of movie projectors on Amazon

Big Screen 

Time to pick out the right screen to display your movie on. There are plenty of portable movie screens that you can buy if you’re willing to splurge a bit, and of course, ones that cost a lot more. But you can also show the movie on any flat surface that you can come up with, saving you a bunch of money.  (This could be the side of your camper, a white sheet, etc.)

Backyard Movie Night

Portable Bluetooth Speakers 

Not all camping projectors have built-in speakers in them, while others don’t produce enough sound. Having a few extra Bluetooth speakers on you can provide the surround system experience to make it a magical night out at the movies. 


Depending on how many camping neighbors that are around you, having several pairs of headphones might not be a bad idea. That way you can enjoy the movie as loud as you’d like, and not bother anyone else in the process. 

Extension Cords

If your projector is not battery operated, you’re going to need extension cords to help power it. Make sure you check with your campground ahead of time to make sure that they have electricity at your site. 

It’s All About Comfort 

Being comfortable while watching a movie is everything. No one like to be uncomfortable while movie-watching, plus the lack of comfy seats may result in your kids becoming restless. You’ll need plenty of camping chairs for everyone, and pillows and blankets for the kids. Mosquitoes can ruin a fun experience, so remember to have bug spray and citronella candles to ward off any pests.  

Don’t Go Skimpy on Snacks 

Enjoying a movie underneath the stars, without any popcorn or theatre candy, is unheard of. Make it easier on yourself and get the Jiffy Pop to make over your campfire if you don’t have camping popcorn kettle.  We also recommend a campfire popcorn extension holder! Don’t forget to have plenty of seasonings on hand, like caramel sauce, salt, cinnamon-sugar, clarified butter, and powdered ranch. 

Now for your sweet tooth. You can buy boxes of theatre candy at the grocery store for $1, and have plenty of options to appease everyone. Remember that you’re camping, and it’s never a bad time to indulge in a few more S’mores or a blueberry pudgy pie.  For those foods, we love this campfire pie iron and of course we always have our telescoping skewers on hand for marshmallow roasting!

telescoping skewers marshmallows

“Mom…I’m Thirsty”

How are you supposed to enjoy salty popcorn and sweets without having something to wash it down? Keeping the kiddos hydrated will cut down on the whining too. If you’re planning on having a beer and other adult beverages, it might be in your best interest to have them in a separate cooler, to avoid any mix-ups.  

coleman off road cooler

These are several of the essentials that you need to have with you during your campsite movie night. What are some other “must-haves” that you bring on your camping trips for movie night? These are our must-haves for campsite movie night, we can’t wait to hear about yours!

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