8 Great Essentials for Fall Camping

As the summer heat starts to wane and the sun begins to set a little bit earlier each day, campers are gearing up for FALL CAMPING SEASON. Fall is a fantastic time to camp and we have rounded up some of our favorite camping essentials to pack for your trip.

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I know that we have mentioned it before on the blog, but it’s worth saying again: we love fall camping! We live in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and most years we experience a stereotypical “northeastern US fall.” As the days grow shorter, the heat from the summer dissipates. The mornings and evenings have a distinct chill about them while many afternoons are sunny and warm. It is a great time of year to trade shorts and flipflops for jeans and sweatshirts. The leaves turn from green to a vibrant display of fiery reds, bright yellow and moody oranges.

Fall is a wonderful time of year to head out for a relaxing weekend of camping. You can enjoy the foliage and the nights are perfectly suited for campfires.

As we get ready to welcome another fall season, we got to thinking about what camping essentials top our list for fall outings.

Fall Camping Essentials

Fleece BlanketsPerfect for those nights when the temperature dips and you want to sit outside for a bit longer! We keep a stack of soft fleece blankets in our camper at all times. They definitely come in handy on cooler nights!

Plenty of Propane: This one might sound silly, but trust us: make sure you have plenty of propane, in case you need to turn your RV heat on during the night. We have been camping during the fall when the days were warm but the nights got downright COLD. We have had to turn on our heat as early as September, depending on where we are camping and how cold it gets.

Solo StoveOkay, this one isn’t an ESSENTIAL, but it’s pretty darn awesome, so we’re adding it to our list. We think that fall the the best time of the year to enjoy a nice campfire by the camper. One thing we hate? SMOKE! Smoke sure does have a habit of finding you and either stinging your eyes or leaving you gasping for air, doesn’t it? Solo Stoves are wildly popular and chances are probably good – if you don’t own one, you have seen them in action around the campground. These nifty, portable fire pits boast low-smoke campfires. They come in several sizes and have a whole line of accessories you can add if you’d like.

ThermosChilly mornings and evenings call for hot coffee, warm cider, hot chocolate, and the list goes on. Get yourself a quality Thermos or travel mug to keep these beverages warm and toasty!

Halloween Decor: If you’re into decorating your campsite, bring along some Halloween decorations for October camping trips! Many campgrounds have a whole list of Halloween themed activities that range from decorating contests to trick or treating to golf cart parades. Check out our round up of campsite Halloween decorating ideas.

Clothing Layers: For those days that start out cold, then warm up, then return to chilly, make sure you pack layering options for your clothing. Sweatshirts and light jackets are great for giving you a little bit of extra warmth and they can be removed easily as the temperatures rise. Don’t forget socks and sneakers/boots/etc. After a summer of wearing flip flops everyday, it’s easy to forget how cold your feet can get at night in the fall!

Boots: Fall months are notorious for random rainstorms. Toss a pair of waterproof boots for each family member into the camper in case it rains or you arrive at a muddy campground. (And don’t forget to put an outdoor rug or doormat outside of your camper door to cut down on the dirt and mud that’s dragged into the camper!

Exterior Illumination: The sun will be setting earlier than it has all summer, so you will want to have plenty of lighting options for after dark! Bring a couple of battery operated lanterns for the table and trips to the bathhouse. Get the kids some bike lights, too. We make our kids park the bikes after sunset, but the lights provide great visibility during the early evening/dusk hours.

We hope that you find these suggestions to be helpful! Do you have any fall camping essentials that aren’t on our list? We’d love to hear them – drop us a comment and tell us!


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