6 of the Best Camping Apps for RVers

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Mobile apps can enrich your life when you are RVing, especially in places you are not familiar with. You want to get the best experience possible. The apps we have analyzed here have been designed by people who are intricately familiar with RVing and the content is meant to offer guidance to beginner campers. From navigation apps to weather and route planning, you will find the following apps quite useful when you hit the road in your RV.

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Apps to help you find RV campgrounds

These apps contain a huge database of campgrounds scattered across the US. You will be able to check what amenities a camping ground has, how much they charge to camp there, whether or not your rig can be accommodated there, and even book online in just a few minutes.

The best apps in this category include Campedium and RV Parks Campground App. Campedium has user-generated reviews, giving you first-hand experience of people who have already camped on these grounds. It is available on IOS and Android.

RV Campgrounds App has a collection of almost every camping ground in the US. There are over 40,000 parks to choose from. You just need to narrow down to your point of interest and access the campgrounds you wish. You can find the app on IOS and Android.

Weather Apps

The weather can easily make you change your route, or cancel your trip altogether. Weather apps are helpful for everyone, but especially for RVers who go out during the winter, or who will be passing by places that have been known to have extreme weather conditions. You do not want to be caught in the middle of a storm, or an avalanche.

The best app for this is the AccuWeather. The app gives you real-time updates of the weather in your chosen destination, or along your route. You can customize the application to
suit your travel needs.

Navigation Apps

If you are driving through routes you are not familiar with, you might find that navigation apps come in handy. The best app for this is Google Maps. With their powerful
satellites, Google maps have been very reliable in directing drivers across the world. You just key in the destination and you will be good to go.

Other great GPS navigation apps include Waze, available on IOS and Android and copilot RV app also available on IOS and Android.

Apps to help you find attractions on the road

Maximize your RVing experience by making stops in exciting places. You may not have an itinerary for all these places and that’s where an app like Roadtrippers comes into
play. The app highlights all the notable and exciting places you ought to visit on your chosen route. These may include museums, attractions sites, beaches, and even
notable restaurants. The app is available on both IOS and Android. An alternative (paid version) to Roadtrippers is Allstays Camp App. This offers much more than just a
direction to the attractions along your route. It works the same way as the apps to help you locate campgrounds but with added features. You can find the app on IOS.

Apps to help you save money

Who says you cannot enjoy RVing and still save some money at the same time? Gas is the biggest expenditure for RVers and savings on this would be appreciated.

The GasBuddy app highlights all the filling stations along your way and displays the differences in gas prices. This can help you make the best choice to save yourself some
cash when you go to fill your rig. You can find the app on both IOS and Android.

Apps for nature and outdoor lovers

For those who love exploring the outdoors, the iNaturalist application will be a great guide to help you record these plants and animals. You get to share with thousands of
other nature enthusiasts and scientists who are ready and willing to discuss whatever you record and identify these animals and plants for you.

Do you use any of the apps listed above? Which ones are your favorites? Are there other apps that you love using while RVing? Drop us a comment and let us know your must-haves!


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