The Best Camping Apps for RVers

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Editor’s Note: Hey fellow campers and road warriors! Today we’re diving back into one of our classic posts to give it an updated spin. So buckle up, because we’re talking about the ultimate apps that you NEED for your next RV adventure. Trust me, your smartphone is about to become your best camping buddy!

Mobile apps can enrich your life when you are RVing, especially in places you are not familiar with. So whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time nomad, grab a s’more and settle in. Your smartphone is about to level up and become your ultimate outdoor sidekick! From navigation apps to weather and route planning, you’re sure to find some problem solvers below.

Best Camping Apps for RVers HERO

Campground-Finding Apps

These apps contain a huge database of campgrounds scattered across the US. You will be able to check what amenities a camping ground has, how much they charge to camp there, whether or not your rig can be accommodated there, and even book online in just a few minutes.

The best apps in this category include Campedium and RV Parks Campground App.

Campendium 2.0

Still rockin’ and rollin’, Campendium is more user-friendly than ever! Besides user-generated reviews, the app now has video tours of campgrounds. Available on iOS and Android.

RV Parks and Campgrounds App

This app has a collection of almost every camping ground in the US. There are over 40,000 parks to choose from. You just need to narrow down to your point of interest and access the campgrounds you wish. You can find the app on IOS and Android.

The Dyrt

Make way for The Dyrt. With a user-friendly interface and the option to win prizes for your campground reviews, it’s the new kid on the block. Available on iOS and Android.

RV Campgrounds App has a collection of almost every camping ground in the US. There are over 40,000 parks to choose from. You just need to narrow down to your point of interest and access the campgrounds you wish. You can find the app on IOS and Android.

Weather Apps

The weather can easily make you change your route, or cancel your trip altogether. You do not want to be caught in the middle of a storm, or other extreme conditions. Use reliable weather apps to check real-time temperature and forecasts.

AccuWeather: RealFeel®

Still our reigning champ, AccuWeather now has a RealFeel® feature to let you know not just the temp but how it actually feels. Don’t let Mother Nature rain on your parade! This app is available on iOS and Android.


This is a weather app that offers interactive wind radar and other weather layers that could be super useful for RVers. Especially useful if you’re heading to a windy region! Available on iOS and Android.

Navigation Apps

Google Maps

Still the OG and won’t (usually, LOL, nothing is 100%) lead you astray. But did you know they’ve added a feature for “RV-friendly routes”? Pretty neat, huh? Available on iOS and Android.

Sygic RV & Caravan GPS Navigation

Waze has got some competition. Sygic offers specialized RV routes, parking suggestions, and even points of interest like scenic vistas. Available on iOS and Android.

Attraction Seekers


The app highlights all of the notable and exciting places you might want to visit along your chosen route. These spots include museums, beaches, and even notable restaurants. This app still shows you cool spots but now also offers trip guides and collaborative trip planning. There are 4 membership tiers available on Roadtrippers: free, basic, pro and premium. Available on iOS and Android.

Allstays Camp App

This offers much more than just a direction to the attractions along your route. It works the same way as the apps to help you locate campgrounds but with added features. You can find the app on IOS.


If you loved Allstays Camp App, check out Outly. It’s more than a campground locator; it’s also your guide to outdoor activities around your camp. Available on iOS.

Money-Saving Apps


The GasBuddy app highlights all the filling stations along your way and displays the differences in gas prices. This can help you make the best choice to save yourself some cash when you go to fill your rig. They’ve now added PriceHike Alerts to let you know when gas prices are about to surge. You can find the app on both IOS and Android.

Gas Guru

If you’re a fan of GasBuddy, you’ll want to check out Gas Guru. This app not only shows you where the cheapest gas stations are but also gives you quality ratings for each station. That way, you know you’re not just saving money but also getting the best gas for your rig. Available on iOS and Android.

Tolls Calculator

Tolls Calculator provides real-time data on toll prices for different routes, helping you decide whether the toll route is worth the shortcut. And if you’d rather avoid tolls altogether, the app offers alternative routes. This one’s a game-changer for long hauls! Available on iOS.

Nature Buff Apps


For those who love exploring the outdoors, the iNaturalist app will be a great guide to help you record these plants and animals. You get to share with thousands of other nature enthusiasts and scientists who are ready and willing to discuss whatever you record and identify these animals and plants for you. Available on iOS and Android.

Seek by iNaturalist

An upgraded version of iNaturalist, this app now helps you identify plants and animals in real-time. It’s like having a pocket-sized ranger! Available on iOS and Android.


For those with a green thumb or just plain curiosity, PlantSnap is like a digital botany book. Snap a pic of a plant, and the app will identify it for you. You can even build your own digital garden by saving your discoveries. It’s the perfect app for the trail, the campground, or even your own backyard! Available on iOS and Android.

SkyView Lite

Star lovers, this one’s for you! With SkyView Lite, all you have to do is point your phone at the sky, day or night, and it’ll identify constellations, planets, and even satellites. It turns your stargazing sessions into a fun and educational experience, making it the perfect companion for those clear, quiet nights at the campground. My family has used this app for YEARS and it is truly a wonderful way to enjoy the night sky! Available on iOS and Android.

Do you use any of the apps listed above? Which ones are your favorites? Are there other apps that you love using while RVing? Drop us a comment and let us know your must-haves!


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