5 Great Reasons to Camp in Winter

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Winter camping can be exciting for people who value solitude. It’s quickly catching on. Learn why you should consider heading out to camp in winter.

Winter RV Camping

5 Reasons Why You Should Camp in Winter!

We all flock to vacations and camping during the summer season, and for good reason. The warm weather is incredibly inviting and schools are on break. That creates the perfect atmosphere for a camping occasion. When summer ends, we put our gear back into storage and await another season the next year. Not many people give camping in winter much consideration. However, over the last few years, going to camp in winter has really become popular. You can RV camp in the winter, though make sure you inquire with campgrounds to make sure they are even open (many close by mid-November).  Some remain open year-round but turn off the water to prevent frozen pipes.

Here are some of the reasons why we you to consider going to camp in winter.

1. Smaller crowds – During the summer period, camping grounds are really overcrowded. Privacy and solitude during this period is literally non-existent. Campgrounds will also be charging premium rates because the demand is very high. Many people hate the cold season and you will find the campgrounds deserted during winter. If you are not worried about a little cold, this is the perfect season to camp. There is a lot of privacy and solitude in the winter. You will get to enjoy a unique side of nature and wildlife that summer campers often miss. It is also much affordable because the demand is low.

2. Fewer bugs and insects – Bugs and insects also love the sun and that is why they will be out there in full force during the summer season. When the cold season beckons, they go into hibernation. Bugs are the single most bothersome living thing to campers, particularly those who love outdoors.

3. Star gaze at beautiful clear night skies – The night skies during the winter season are amazingly breathtaking. This could be something you look forward to doing every night before you retire to bed. You can even track your favorite stars and have fun while doing it. The nights will be relatively longer than the daytime and you will have an amazing time under the skies. Once you are too cold to hang outside, head back into your cozy, heated camper!

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4. Light a campfire for great food and warmth – Food seems to have better flavor in the cold season and there is nothing that beats a hot cup of coffee in a cold outdoors. You can feel the warmth snaking down your gut, warming you up instantly from inside out. The campfires you look forward to having could go all day long, keeping you warm all through. You will surely enjoy this immensely! We recommend bringing a dutch oven and perfecting those campfire soups and stews!

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5. Take it as an excuse to upgrade your camping gear – During the summer season, camping is easy as you do not require too much gear and the quality does not need to be top notch. In winter, you have to be well prepared.  You need to have good gear and kits, whether you are tent camping or RV camping.  It would be a great time to go shopping for this gear. The prices are slightly lower this time of year since the consumer demand reduces immediately the summer season ends.

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