5 Easy Ways to Keep Sand OUT of Your Camper

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Love beach camping but HATE all of that SAND that gets dragged inside your RV? Keep reading!  We’re sharing our favorite (easy!) ways to keep as much sand OUTSIDE of your camper as possible!

Castaways RV Resort Beach

We absolutely LOVE camping by the ocean. LOVE IT! The smell of the salty sea air and the rhythmic sounds of the ocean waves crashing are such a peaceful and rejuvenating force. Our kids love spending the day jumping waves and riding their boogie boards. We love watching them have fun and settling onto the beach with a great book and probably a great drink as well.

But if you have ever spent any time at the beach, you know how that sand seems to hitch a ride home with you. As careful as you might be to shake out your towel and rinse off your feet and the kids’ sand toys, the sand still finds a way. It hides in every nook and cranny it can. And before you know it, your camper and lovely home away from home has sand all over the place!  Sand on the floor, in the bathtub and yes, even on the bed.  YUCK!

So while we can’t eliminate every grain of sand that finds its way back to your RV,  we can help you out with some handy items and hacks that will drastically reduce the amount of sand in your camper!

How to Keep Sand Out of Your Camper

1. Outdoor Rug

These made-for-the-outdoors rugs are so handy! Set up your rug in front of your camper door(s) and anchor them in place with stakes or heavy furniture. These rugs are durable and very, well, rugged. They hold up well to the outside elements and tolerate furniture being dragged over them, etc. Outdoor rugs also work like a giant welcome mat to brush off loose sand from shoes and feet before they head into the camper!

RV awning mat

2. Step Rugs and Welcome Mat

Just like the outdoor carpet grabs an impressive amount of sand before it heads into the camper, so too will step rugs and a welcome mat!

Camper Rug Steps


3. Dish Pan filled with water

This one is a MUST if you are camping anywhere that finds your fam in sandals or flip flops! Fill a dish pan with an inch or two of water and keep the pan next to your camper steps. Have your fam give their feet a quick rinse before heading into the camper!

dishpan rinse

4. Stick Vacuum 

The items that I have listed so far all take place outside of your camper (or right inside the door). I cannot recommend a stick vacuum enough! We picked one up before our first week-long beach camping trip and we used that handy vac several times a DAY!! It doesn’t take up a lot of room in the camper and can be stored away in a closet or behind the couch or under a bed. These lightweight vacuums do a great job picking up sand and dirt in your camper.

Stick Vacuum in RV

5. Good old dustpan and broom

Sometimes, you just can’t beat simplicity. Having a broom and a dustpan in your camper truly is a great and easy way to get rid of sand that has come in on your feet, clothing, etc. Grab a small broom and dishpan and tuck it away in a close or behind the couch or even in the storage under your camper.

broom dust pan

That’s it! That’s our list and those items do a great job helping to keep that awful sand out of our camper. Love the beach, love the sand ON the beach, don’t love the sand in my camper!

Tell us – do you use any of these tricks or products to keep your camper a little cleaner? Do you use something that we didn’t mention here? Drop us a comment and let us know!


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