5 Common RV Problems and How to Fix Them

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RVing can be a lot of fun and a refreshing time for you and your family as you escape from your stressors and problems that await you back at home. But what happens when your RV starts to act upon you and your hundreds of miles away from home. That fun can quickly begin to slip away. If you spend a lot of time in your RV, you’re bound to come across a problem or two at some point. Here’s a few common RV problems and how to fix them.

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Bathroom Troubles

How to Avoid It

Toilet problems can be both a frustrating and unsanitary situation, not to mention just downright disgusting. Make sure that you keep the channel around the inside edges of your camper toilet clear of any buildup, toilet paper, or crud. Check out this holding tank treatment for RVs that will also help.   

How to Fix It 

If your toilet is leaking and you notice that the rubber seal around the large valve is no longer doing its job, you’ll need to replace it. The water valve might also be part of the issue and need to be replaced as well. If you’ve had your RV for a number of years, this is one maintenance issue you’re likely to face at some point. 

Make sure you check out the post we dedicated to keeping your RV septic system happy.  Lots of useful info in that post!

A Blown Tire

How to Avoid It

A blown tire on an RV can be extremely dangerous and can sometimes be avoided simply by checking the pressure in each of your tires before heading out on the highway. Also, try and keep off of bumpy and poorly maintained roads. 

How to Fix It 

Make sure that you bring along an extra wheel and that you pull over immediately if one of them has blown. Here’s how to replace your RV tire.  

Busted Water Line

How to Avoid It

It’s a good idea to empty your RV water tanks every day, but if you fail to do so, at least keep an eye on the forecast as it starts to get colder out. When you’re storing your RV away for winter, make sure that your tank is completely empty before freezing temperatures start to set in.  We always add anti-freeze to our camper water lines as part of the winterizing process. 

How to Fix It 

Try applying a seal lubricant to your busted pipe or pump. If that doesn’t do the trick, you might want to consider replacing it. 

Battery Failure

How to Avoid It

The fun and excitement of RVing can quickly come to an end when the battery fails. Make sure that you pay close attention to your fluid levels and have a gallon of distilled water on hand just in case. It’s also a good idea to wear hand and eye protection while doing so.  This is a common RV problem, hopefully, this tip helps you avoid it. 

How to Fix It 

Fortunately, a dead battery is an easy fix. Simply plug your rig into an AC power so that your battery can charge. If you find that the battery still won’t hold its charge, you’ll need to replace it.  

Excess Dirt & Sand Dragged Inside Camper

How to Avoid It

Don’t go camping. Just kidding. But not really. We have found it almost impossible to keep excess dirt and sand out of the camper. It just kind of goes hand-in-hand with camping.

How to Fix It

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to cut down on sand and dirt BIG TIME. First of all, make the fam take their shoes off before entering or just after stepping inside the camper. If their actual feet are dirty, check out this post with dollar store camping hacks. Fill a dishpan with water and keep it next to the camper steps so that feet can be rinsed before entering. Outdoor rugs help to cut down on the amount of dirt that is dragged into the camper.

Finally, consider keeping a stick vacuum in your camper!  These vacuums don’t take up a lot of space and are great for quick floor cleans while you’re on the road.

RVing can be a blast and a great way to escape from it all while out on the road, but at some point, you may encounter one or more of these common rv problems that need to be addressed. Let us know what issues you have encountered while traveling!

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