25+ Camping Supplies at Five Below

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Spring and summer are the perfect times of the year to stock up on new camping supplies! Take a look at some of the great camping supplies at Five Below. Every year they stock the shelves with some fun items to use for both tent camping and RV camping.

Five Below has some Incredible Finds

Have you ever shopped at a Five Below? (If you don’t have a local store, you can still shop 1000s of items on the Five Below app or website.) I personally really enjoy shopping at these stores. We have a 3 of them within a 15-20 minute drive, so I tend to get there a few times a year.

Many of their products are $5 and below (hence the name). However a couple years ago, the store introduced a bunch of products that are over $5. You will see a mix of them below. Some of these items are definitely what I would consider an extreme value. Others are perhaps a tad overpriced. It helps if you know the typical retail value of the items you are purchasing.

At 5 Below, you will find a pretty vast array of products and many things that reflect the latest trends. Some of the things they sell include:

  • Toys
  • Candy (SO many different kinds of candy and snacks!)
  • Room D├ęcor
  • Graphic Tees
  • Electronics and Phone Accessories
  • Fitness and Wellness Gear
  • Sporting Goods
  • Art Supplies
  • Books
  • Squishmallows

Seasonally you will find a LOT of different items. Pool floats and beach towels and yard games in the Spring and Summer… great stocking stuffers in the fall.

Camping Gear and Supplies at Five Below

Today as I cruised the aisles of my local Five Below store, I could not help but notice how many fun seasonal items they had for sale. There were many items that I knew we would be able to use in our camper. I also saw a bunch of things that would work wonderfully for decorations around a campsite.

I had barely gotten in the door when I knew I had to snap some pictures of their latest drops.

Now, after you read through my list below, make sure you take a look at this post I wrote awhile back – RV Supplies from the dollar store. That’s another good list of items you can grab without breaking the bank!

Fun Stuff for the Great Outdoors

Here we go!

Note: I’m going to link to products from Five Below for any items that I can locate on their website. If I cannot find the exact item the Five Below site, I’ll link to a similar product on amazon.

Outdoor Yard Games

Yard games are a total campsite classic! They are a wonderful way to relax and spend quality time with the fam. Games are also a great way to get everyone off of their electronic devices for a bit. We keep giant Jenga, cornhole boards and other games in our camper.

I found a wide array of fun yard games at Five Below. Lots of variety!

Backyard Games 3
Backyard Games 2
Backyard Games 1

Sunscreen and After-Sun Care

Choose from many different brands, different sizing and different types of sunscreen and after-skin care. I found some of these products in the toiletry aisle, but many many more over near the registers.

Banana Boat Sunscreen
Sunscreen at Five Below

Bug Repellents and Anti-Itch Products

Lots of time outside almost always means some unwelcome bug bites. I found plenty of bug repellent options at Five Below and also quite a few different remedies for deals with itchy bites.

Bens tick and insect repellent
Off bug spray
Bug spray and itch relief

Small Pop-Up Tent

I was surprised to find an actual tent at Five Below! It was small and probably not rugged enough to use for real camping, but it would make a nice sun shade for the kids.

Five Below tent

Folding Camp Chair with Storage Bag

Another nice find were these folding chairs. Each one comes with a storage bag. These chairs are great items to keep in your car trunk or camper. We use them on every camping trip, as well as various sporting events and parties.

Camp Chair Five Below

Travel Sized Toiletries

Five Below has a pretty fantastic travel sized toiletry aisle. There is a wide variety of products and brands, all in small, compact sizes. They are great to pack for short trips and take up less room in your luggage than full size products. Some of the items I found that I would pick up specifically for a camping trip included: bug spray, sunscreen, sanitizer, toilet paper and a first-aid kit. (There were other first aid items that would be good to have as well, like medicines and bandages.)

Travel Toiletries at Five Below
Travel Toilet Paper

Travel Sized Toiletry Bottles

You can find a selection of different sized travel toiletry bottles. These bottles come in handy when you have a full size product at home that you want to use on your trip, but you don’t want to lug the big bottle. Instead, pour some of your product into one of these bottles and take the small bottles with you.

Travel Toiletry Bottles

Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches make neat decorations when you light them up at night around the campsite. They also throw off a decent amount of light, giving some more visibility to the dark site.

tiki torches

Giant Pinwheel Decorations

Many campers LOVE decorating their campsites! Lawn decor is no exception and these giant pinwheels would make a fantastic decoration to add to your site. They require zero setup and don’t use batteries – simply stick them in the ground and you’re done.

giant pinwheel decoration

String Lights and Lanterns

Another outdoor decoration that we love to take camping with us – string lights! Assuming that you have access to electricity at your campsite, string lights add to the ambience. You can string them from the camper awning if you have one, or string them up between trees. Our store had a couple different lanterns as well. The lanterns would look great on the picnic table or hung from trees.

String lights

Inflatable Boat

How fun! This was one of the “Five Beyond” items and as you can see, cost well over five dollars. For $20 you can pick up this inflatable boat that comes with 2 oars.

2 person raft with oars

Baskets and Totes

We use baskets, trays and totes in our camper all of the time! First of all, the fabric totes work great for packing up items inside your house and carrying them to the car or camper. Baskets in our camper help to organize everything from toiletries to utensils in the different drawers and cabinets.

You can also use baskets and totes to hold frequently used items around your campsite. For example, make up a campsite basket to hold essentials like bug spray, sunscreen and firestarters.

Fabric Totes

Picnic Blanket

This picnic blanket is foldable, colorful, and won’t take up a lot of space in your vehicle. These blankets are helpful to have on hand during a hike, giving you a spot to sit and relax, no matter what the terrain.

Picnic Blanket

Picnic Tote and Insulated Cooler Bags

While we are talking about picnics and hikes, check out these great options for packing up a snack or meal to take on your journey! I saw 3 options in the store yesterday. One was a picnic basket style tote with metal handles. The second bag was an insulated backpack cooler bag with handles. The third bag was an insulated cooler tote bag.

Picnic basket and cooler bag

Throw Blankets

We always pack plenty of blankets when we go camping! Blankets add an extra layer of warmth on chilly nights around the campfire. They also make easy extra bedding when your sleeping bag or bed sheets aren’t enough warmth. Blankets make instant seating on grassy lawns or sandy beaches.

Cotton Throw Blankets


We keep a hammock in our camper and when we camp at a wooded campsite, sometimes it’s nice to string up the hammock for a relaxing spot to lay. Five Below had a $5 hammock that would make a great addition to your camping gear.


Fake Plants

You sure can spruce up any space, including campsites and campers with some greenery. Even better – use fake plants that don’t actually require sunlight or daily watering! I loved the various plastic plants I found at Five Below.

Plants 1
Plants 2
Little Plants

Over-the-Door Hooks

These over the door hooks are a MUST-HAVE for campers! They are so handy and you can hang them over most doors or even in tents on the side pockets. Use these hooks for keeping all kinds of things up and off the ground. Wet towels and clothing, small bags or purses, etc will work well on these hooks.

Over the door hooks

Phone Cords and Battery Pack Chargers

You might not think of Five Below when you think of phone charging cords, batteries and other accessories, but you should! This store has SO many options that will work with so many different phone models. (Seriously, it’s worth checking out! My kids think Five Below is the coolest store on the planet when it comes to phone accoutrements! LOL)

We like to keep a set of charging cords for phones and electronic devices in our RV. It’s nice knowing that we don’t have to remember to pack those items.

Phone cords
Power bank for phones

Binoculars for Kids

I’m not sure how well these kids’ binoculars would work for adults, but this pair would definitely be a fun item to pack when camping with kids. Kids will have a blast exploring the area, near and far, and can use the binoculars to get a better look at things like birds and other wildlife!

Check out these binoculars if you’re looking for an adult version. We have a similar pair and they are excellent.

kids binoculars

Speakers for Entertainment

Oh wow – SO many different kinds of wireless speakers! Five Below sells a wide variety of bluetooth speakers and bluetooth earbuds. There are waterproof shower speakers and other handheld speakers. I really enjoyed the lantern style speakers with lights!

LED Lantern Speakers
bluetooth speakers
Wireless shower speaker

Reversible Plastic Mat

These mats are FABULOUS! We keep a couple large versions of these rug mats in our camper. They work great as campsite rugs. The mats help to keep dirt and sand out of tents and campers. The plastic material works to block ground moisture from penetrating it.

Grab a few smaller mats or a large one and put them around your campsite.

Plastic rug mat

Rain Gear

If you have ever been caught in the rain on a camping trip, you know how important it is to have some rain gear on hand. Five Below has plenty of umbrellas and even some ponchos. (Though head’s up – you can usually find ponchos at Dollar Tree for $1.25!)


Memory Foam Pillows

Pick up a spare pillow or two while you are cruising through Five Below. This store also has a variety of decorative throw pillows. There are a bunch of different colors and patterns available. These pillows would brighten up any space! We have throw pillows in our camper on our bed and on the couch.

Pillows and sheets

Travel Neck Pillow

Car travel can get tedious and downright uncomfy after a few hours on the road. I like having these travel neck pillows on hand. Even if I don’t fall asleep, they give me a comfortable place to rest my head when I’m not driving. The kids love them, too!

Travel Neck Pillows

Travel Utensils

These little travel utensil sets are a smart idea to have on hand when you are out and about. You can keep them in your camper, with your camping supplies, or even in the glove compartment of your car. They come in so handy when you need them!

travel utensils

There you have it!

There is definitely a lot to browse at Five Below and I picked up some new stuff for the next camping season. I will say that I walked into the store with NO specific things on my list. I just wanted to see what I could find. From some cool tech to products from some of my fave brands, I was really happy with what I found.

Tell me: where are your favorite stores to shop when prepping for a camping trip? Drop us a comment and let us know.


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