15 Must-Have Items for Your RV Kitchen

Must Have Items for Your RV Kitchen

A little organization can go a long way, and that’s especially true when space is limited, such as in an RV.  Check out our must-have items for your RV kitchen as you get ready to hit the road for another camping season!

Must Have Items for Your RV Kitchen

Few things are more fun than setting up your RV for another camping season.  Whether you are a tried and true road warrior or brand new to RV life, it is always fun to make your camper your own.  Add some decorationsOpens in a new tab. to show off your personality, add some convenient itemsOpens in a new tab. that make life on the road a little easier and comfortable.  Make sure you have some simple RV organizationOpens in a new tab. to keep things in their place, even when you’re bumping down the highway.

Stocking your Camper Kitchen

Your camper kitchen is no exception to the fun areas you can set up before you head off to your next destination!

Of course, we didn’t start out with all of these items in our camper.  We started with a couple of them and then learned over time (and many nights on the road) what items were definitely must-haves for our kitchen away from home.  When we are on the road, our camper’s kitchen sees a lot of action!  From the morning pot of coffee (or two) to the bagels in the toaster to the Instant Pot on the counter for dinner, we try to cook as many of our own meals as possible.  This cuts down tremendously on spending, making RV life more budget-friendly than ever.

When the weather is decent, we cook on the grillOpens in a new tab. for many of our dinners. When we cook inside, we use the stove top or the Instant PotOpens in a new tab..

Best RV Kitchen Gear

We have rounded up some of our very favorite kitchen gear for the camper to give you some ideas on what you might like to have in your own RV.

Under Cabinet Paper Towel HolderOpens in a new tab.
HACK: Slap BraceletsOpens in a new tab. to keep paper towels and toilet paper from unrolling while driving
Collapsible Dish DrainerOpens in a new tab.
Microfiber Dish Drying MatOpens in a new tab.

RV Kitchen Gear 1

ToasterOpens in a new tab.
Keurig Coffee BrewerOpens in a new tab. (or KCup compatible brewerOpens in a new tab. for convenience coffee/hot water options)
Countertop Ice MakerOpens in a new tab.
Instant PotOpens in a new tab. (check out these great Instant Pot recipes for RV cookingOpens in a new tab.!)

RV Kitchen Gear 2

Stove Topper and Cutting BoardOpens in a new tab.
Nesting Stackable Bowls and Measure CupsOpens in a new tab.
Cutlery CaddyOpens in a new tab. – Keep in sink when traveling, store on counter when parked
GripStic Bag Chip ClipsOpens in a new tab.

RV Kitchen Gear 3

And for your RV Fridge!

Magnet HooksOpens in a new tab. – these are actually great anywhere in your camper that has metal. We used them on our last Disney Cruise to hold toiletry bags and lanyards.
Magnetic ClipsOpens in a new tab.
Dry Erase Meal PlannerOpens in a new tab.

RV Kitchen Gear 4

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15 Must Have Items for Your RV Kitchen

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4 thoughts on “15 Must-Have Items for Your RV Kitchen

  1. The sink cover looks like just what I’ve been looking for. It would be nice is I could find out where to buy it. Can’t seem to find that information anywhere on here.

    1. Hi Joe! Our sink cover came with our camper. Sorry we don’t have any more info on it, other than it came standard with our Coachmen Apex 288BHS model.

  2. We went to the Restore (where you can buy used building materials) and bought several oak/maple cabinet doors that are flat and smooth. Be sure and measure your sink openings. get as close to your size as possible, Having an inch or so over hang. Then we added little pieces of wood to the bottom to keep them from sliding around. Even bought one to add to the counter top for more space with fold down shelf brackets. Made another on as a stove top cover with long narrow board s attached to bottom to 2 sides to stop sliding. Cheap ($3 to$5) each. Shelf brackets from amazon. Looks nice.

    1. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing! We have a local Restore about 2 miles away and love it.

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