10 Must-Have Basic RV Cleaning Supplies

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Many families have given up the home life of being tethered down to one location and have made RV living a way of life. Others will spend all summer camped out at some amazing places in their home-away-from-home. So which one are you? Whichever camper you are, you will want to pick up these basic RV cleaning supplies!

Cleaning Supplies

With all that living, it will take no time at all for your RV to start gunking up with dirt and stains, no longer resembling the shiny prize you once drove off the dealer lot. It’s important that you take care of your camper by keeping it clean and in tip-top shape. Check out our list of must-have RV cleaning supplies that you should have on hand.

Basic Must-have RV Cleaning Supplies

Just like you clean your house, your RV is going to need a good scrub down as well. There are some major RV cleaning supplies that you should have on hand to ensure everything is squeaky clean. When we find ourselves on the road for trips longer than a weekend, we try to give the surfaces a wipe down every few days to stay on top of the dirt.

We also give the floors a sweep or quick vacuum every couple of days to eliminate some of the dirt and sand that we inevitably drag inside with our shoes.

At the end of every camping trip, we give the interior of the camper a thorough wipe down. The exterior gets a good wash too, every month or so during the summer (or immediately following a super messy trip). Probably the messiest our camper ever got was after more than two weeks on the road from Pennsylvania to Yellowstone and back. There was mud EVERYWHERE!

Antibacterial Cleaning Wipes

Antibacterial cleaning wipes (like Clorox or Lysol, for example) are super handy when dealing with tough spills. They’ve been proven to kill nearly all bacteria and remove allergens that have been driving you crazy. We always keep a container of these wipes inside the camper. They are wonderful for quick surface wipe-downs in the kitchen and bathroom.

Great Value Disinfecting Wipes

Microfiber Cloths

You’ve probably heard that microfiber fabric is the best out there, while not scratching your surfaces. Microfiber cloths and towels work great on your RV’s interior and exterior paint job. They are also extra absorbent which makes them handy for cleaning up spills.

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Stick Vacuum

If you wish you had a vacuum to pick up all the crumbs and dirt you’ve tracked in, but are limited on space, a stick vacuum will be of good service. Many are cord-free and extremely lightweight.

This is one of those things that you don’t need but will be so glad you have in your RV.  We ESPECIALLY recommend having a stick vacuum when camping at the beach!  It is so handy for keeping up with sand removal!

Stick Vacuum in RV

Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Paper Towels

Every home (and RV) needs to have some type of multi-purpose cleaner as one of its main cleaning supplies. Toss in a roll of paper towels as well for quick mess-cleanups.

rv cleaning supplies

Holding Tank Treatment

Without this cleaning supply, you might not have friends or family willing to come on another camping trip with you anytime soon. Holding tank treatment is a must-have to keep the odor away and break down waste in your RV Septic System. Every drop is highly concentrated and the pre-measured bottles could not be easier to use.

Campa Chem RV Holding Tank Deodorant

Disposable Gloves

You never know if you will encounter a disaster with your holding tank. You’ll thank yourself later for having a box of disposable gloves at the ready.

vinyl gloves

Adjustable Washing Brush

Giving your big rig a bath will be next to impossible without an adjustable washing brush. They stretch up to 72” and adjustable water flow on it. You’ll also need a garden hose and a water spigot handy.

RV Camco Cleaning Brush

RV Wash and Wax

For washing your RV we recommend a Camco RV wash and wax. It’s easy to use and works great getting the bugs, dirt, and grime off of your RV’s paint job.

Camco Wash and Wax Cleaner

Dawn Dish Detergent

Not only will you want to remember to pack dish soap for cleaning your dirty dishes, but Dawn dish soap is also handy to have on hand for RV roof cleaning.

Dawn Dish soap

Fabric/Upholstery Cleaner

Fabric and upholstery cleaners can work on most fabrics and helps protect against stains. It will keep your seats clean, and also work on the awning, curtains and your RV’s upholstery.

Carpet Cleaner

This isn’t an exhausted list of RV cleaning supplies to have, but it’s a great start to take care of most issues. How often do you spend traveling and visiting destinations throughout the year in your RV? What are some other RV cleaning supplies that you find useful for cleaning your camper?

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