10 Classic Games to Keep in Your RV

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From a rainy night at the campground to simply looking for a fun activity that will get the family off their screens and engaging with each other, family game night is always a great choice. We keep any number of board games in our camper at all times for these occasions. Check out our suggestions for some great, classic board games to keep in your RV. 

Board Games in RV

One of the main reasons that we bought our camper a few years ago was the desire to spend more quality time together as a family. Our kids seem to grow in the blink of an eye, and we know that time is fleeting. Before we know it, they’ll be out on their own and our family trips will be a distant memory. Another great benefit to camping is the chance to put down our screens and other technology and engage with each other and the nature around us.

Have you ever spent a rainy day at a campground? We have had many rainy days while living in our home away from home. It can be helpful to have various boredom busters on hand for those rainy days. Of course, you don’t need a bad weather excuse for family game night! This activity can be enjoyed inside the camper or outside at the picnic table. It’s a versatile activity and you can keep games on hand for all ages that you might be traveling with.

Best RV Board Games

We put together a list of the main board games that you can usually find in our RV. We have a cabinet in the camper that is dedicated to game storage. Oh! And definitely toss in a deck of cards or two! Cards are a classic, easy game option and you can play so many different games with a deck. (Some of our favorites are Go Fish!, War, Solitaire, Blackjack and Poker.)

Those are our very favorites! Now of course, we still have young kids, so you can see games like Candy Land are in our camper game cabinet. You can customize the games you take based on the ages, abilities, and preferences of your travel party!

Do you keep board games in your camper? Which ones have earned a permanent spot in your RV? Drop us a comment and tell us about it! 


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